About Us

Nathan Jackson
Nathan JacksonPresident
Nathan Jackson started JJC in 1998 with JR Jones. Nathan ran the day to day business and mainly did excavating at first. In 1999, he built his first retaining wall in Ridgefields in Kingsport. From that moment on, he knew he had found his market… Hardscapes. Vic Davis gave Nathan an important piece of advice, “Be willing to do something others aren’t already doing”. This piece of advice has guided Nathan to specializing in retaining wall, pavers and concrete exclusively. Specializing has allowed JJC to become the top retaining wall installer in our area.
Jamie Jackson
Jamie JacksonOffice Manager
Jamie Jackson, Nathan’s wife, joined the JJC team in 2002. She runs the office and manages payroll. She sets up estimates, handles accounts payable and receivable. Chances are if you call into JJC, this is who you will speak with first.
Robert Suhy
Robert SuhyDesign & Estimator
Robert Suhy joined the JJC design and estimating team in September 2011. He brings years of hardscapes experience. Being able to look at a sloping piece of property and design a solution to fit while keeping within a specific budget is a craft that Robert has mastered. Incorporating terraces, steps and curves into our projects is also another way he takes the ordinary to extraordinary.

A Team of Professionals

The JJC crew is like no other crew around.  They are dedicated to excellence! Being professional, courteous and fast, they make JJC the best retaining wall company around. Our crews have undergone NCMA training and are certified installers.

Jackson Jones Construction is a subcontractor specializing in segmental retaining wall construction, interlocking paver systems, outdoor living spaces and earth retention systems.  Based in East Tennessee, JJC has done projects ranging from small residential to large commercial.  Every job has unique conditions, and we use all available options to find the best solution.  This sets JJC apart from other retaining wall contractors.

Quality workmanship and materials are a part of every JJC structure.  Our construction crews have undergone specialized training for quality installation of many different proven systems.  Each JJC segmental wall is exceptionally solid due to unique footing design, appropriate grid zones and stone backfill.  Engineered plans are a part of every commercial installation and many residential projects and are followed without exception.

Each JJC structure has numerous design possibilities.  We offer various colors, ranging from classic gray to custom colors to match other structures.  Steps, terraces, and serpentine walls also make our systems uniquely beautiful and versatile.  Block design is another way to customize your wall; the block can be radius faced or smooth, and come in various sizes to offer endless design possibilities.

With the right system and proper planning, we can turn otherwise unusable property into valuable real estate, and give the customer a beautiful and customized space.  Put Jackson Jones Construction to work on your next retaining wall, interlocking paver system, outdoor living space or and earth retention project.

Interlocking pavers are a beautiful way to create a casual or formal sidewalk, driveway or patio.  Their unique installation and design makes them resistant to damage and easy to repair if necessary.  The design possibilities are endless as are the color choices and combinations. Having Jackson Jones Construction install your interlocking pavers gives you the peace of mind that the project will be completed at the highest quality and in the blink of an eye. Having the resources of all block and paver manufacturers means we can coordinate your retaining wall, paver system and steps to match your exterior home decor.

Outdoor entertaining is an amenity most East Tennesseans enjoy.  Let Jackson Jones Construction make over your outdoor spaces into a vacation style getaway with patio systems, built in grills, outdoor kitchens and pool areas.  The design possibilities are endless and JJC will work with your budget to give you the space you have dreamed of. Don’t let the hills of East TN deter you; we can give you plenty of level spaces with earth retention systems and retaining walls and then fill in those new level spaces with entertaining or relaxing spaces. Come home everyday to your custom designed JJC getaway.

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